Twelve Years Seeking Justice

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12 Years Seeking Justice

Local Law Mafia Slips Control of Government of Indonesia


Executive Summary:

For 12 years Michael Patrick Donnelly and his two sons Sean Wayan Donnelly and Brenden Surya Donnelly have struggled without success to win their legal rights against a group including ex-wife / mother Ni Made Jati, lawyers Ida Bagus Wikantara, S.H. and Mochamad Rifan, S.H., and rogue members of legal institutions in Bali which have used false documents and manipulated legal processes to cause a simple marriage / divorce to become a complex of 7 civil cases and 11 criminal cases in the two countries of Indonesia and the United States.

The ex-wife / mother has a limited education and is apparently under the control and being manipulated by a Bali law mafia which has ravaged family and national assets, including an estimated USD 30 million sent secretly outside the country, and an unknown but significant amount moved into the pockets of rogue members of legal institutions in Bali.




  1. Background to the cases of Ni Made Jati vs. Michael Patrick Donnelly
    1. Legally married in 1985 according to both U.S. and Indonesian law.
    2. In 2005 Ni Made Jati filed for divorce based upon documents falsely claiming a new marriage in Bali in 1996 and denying the 1985 marriage, with intent to gain custody of the children and control of all assets of the marriage,
    3. Decision of the Supreme Court of Indonesia (Mahkamah Agung) ruled the 1985 marriage valid in Indonesia , ended in divorce, and the action of Ni Made Jati in obtaining a false marriage document in 1996 was illegal or an Act Contrary to Law,
    4. Decision of the Superior Court of California ruled that Ni Made Jati had abandoned her children on instructions from her lawyer Ida Bagus Wikantara and others in Bali,
    5. But all assets in common remain under the control of Ni Made Jati.
  2. CIVIL CASES are ongoing with court decisions suspected of showing collusion and contrary to Indonesian law..
  3. Eleven (11) CRIMINAL REPORTS are suspected improperly handled at Polda Bali, not investigated, or closed with manipulated case files.
  4. LAWYERS Ida Bagus Wikantara, S.H., Mochamad Rifan, S.H., Peter Johnson, LLB, and others have taken advantage of the readiness of rogue members of legal institutions in Bali to violate the law.
    1. PERADI has permanently revoked Ida Bagus Wikantara’s license to practice law.
    2. Rogue members of Polda Bali have refused to investigate Ida Bagus Wikantara S.H., or Mochamad Rifan, S.H., and Peter Johnson, LLB and others with the excuse “these people are too important to investigate”.


Documents can be downloaded here:

Laporan Kasus (bahasa Indonesia saja) - 1.4 MB (51 pages)

Laporan Kasus (Case Report - partial translation: main points English, details Indonesian. Complete translation in progress) - 1.4 MB (51 pages)

Bukti Laporan - 41.9 MB (378 pages)

Semua Putusan Pengadilan Lengkap - 83.8 MB (484 pages)

Semua Dokumen-Dokumen Kepolisian dan Kompolnas - 132.0 MB (312 pages)

Graphic Timeline (English)

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