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Indonesian Law Advisory is the work of several expatriate and Indonesian partners with extensive pratical experience in cases at law in Indonesia.

This website is under construction. Writing about Indonesian law is a huge task, so we will add new topics as we go.

If you have a specific question or topic which is important to you but is not yet available on this website, contact us, and if possible we will try to turn to it directly.


Can you help in my case?

We do not represent any lawyers or particular law office at Indonesian Law Advisory. The cautionary tales on this website should help you understand the dangers of trusting lawyers based on flashy websites, newspaper ads, or recommendations from potential partners.

Your selection of lawyers is critically important. You need someone you can trust—hard enough to find in itself— but you also need someone with experience in the specific area of your case. Since there is so little specialization among lawyers in Indonesia, almost any lawyer you meet will claim that he or she can handle your case, even if they know absolutely nothing about your specific problem.

We would like to provide a list of recommended and qualified lawyers some day, but we don’t have it yet.

In the meantime, we do work closely with reputable Indonesian lawyers. So if you need legal help, sometimes we can make a referral, and if necessary we can often stay involved with the follow-up to smooth communication.


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