Bali Problems Come From Java

Bali Predators —“Bad Javanese?”


Bali lives on tourism.

Everyone in Bali—Indonesian or expatriate—is acutely aware that tourism depends upon preserving the image of Bali as an island paradise past and present.

Explaining Bali to the Balinese is a regular feature of local newspaper and television broadcasts. This often means explaining to the Balinese about Bali culture the way tourists would like to see it. Balinese tourist associations and councils are world-class skillful at managing Bali’s image.

And virtually every expatriate resident in Bali depends in one way or another upon tourism. All are aware that damage to the image of Bali and to the amazing boom in spas and villas and tourism would have a direct impact on everyone's income.

So, nobody rock the boat, right?


A Traditional Excuse

A traditional favorite excuse in Bali—repeated by both Balinese and expatriates—is “all bad things in Bali are caused by outsiders, especially the Javanese.” Amazingly enough, it often works.

For an interesting attempt by a group of expats in Bali to try the same excuse on a judge of a California court, see Made's Angels.

Another reason why Bali is so wonderful...




Sunday, June 03, 2012

Bali, people say, Bali is an island of the Gods. Bali, people say, Bali is the island of thousand temples. Bali, people say, Bali is a place of tranquility.

Bali, now has changed. Bali is not what it used to. Bali of yore a very safe, peaceful, prosperous, peaceful. However, Bali is now overcrowded, unsafe again.

It happened due to the number of migrants from outside Bali. Residents of the island of Java. They crowded the island of Bali predictably out of control. Bali at this time so full of bustle.

The things which you may experience while on vacation in Bali are:

  • Loss of body / your luggage at the airport. As a result of theft committed by officials at the airport.
  • Loss on the road. Street full of vehicles, especially during peak hours. It can make you stressed and lose a lot of time on the road. Roads in Bali are not experiencing developments as more and more vehicles. But Bali will soon have a highway that passed over the sea.
  • Snatching purses, handbags, jewelry that you carry.

Mugging is usually done not by the Balinese. But done by people from outside Bali. Balinese people are rarely willing to do evil things.

  • Loss of objects in a hotel room. Theft is often committed by hotel guests who pretends to be a hotel guest. Is also often done by people from outside Bali.
  • Accidents on the highway. Roads in Bali are very narrow, lots of bad roads and potholes. So be careful when using their own vehicle.
  • Toilet is dirty.
  • Trash strewn everywhere.
  • And others.

But do not worry, the original Balinese people will not do the crime. That's because the Balinese are very good. To watch is, that instead of the original Balinese. The original Balinese people will be ready to assist if you run into problems in Bali.


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