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Eleven Demons and the Uluwatu cases at www.uluwatu.com

Web Resources - Laws of Indonesia

Indonesian law is not always easy to find online, especially in English. And as discussed in this website, understanding the text of the law—Formal Law—is only the first step; the law as enforced—Applied Law—and as you may experience it—Your Law—may be something else again.

This list includes extensive resources and links compiled by Helen Pausacker of the Asian Law Centre at the University of Melbourne, as appearing in Indonesia: Law and Society ed. Prof. Tim Lindsey, The Federation Press, 2009

Many of these websites appear and disappear or become temporarily inactive. Nevertheless, these sites did exist at one time, and if the links fail, the sites may still be discoverable through searches.

asianlii.org Asian Legal Information Institute, a wide range of Indonesian laws (Indonesian & some English).

anulib.anu.edu.au Australian National University online for articles and academic papers (English).

www.indonesia.go.id Indonesian Government national portal to legislation (Indonesian).

AsiaMaya.com Especially complete on KUHP - Criminal Code (Indonesian). (This site has a great deal of useful information with bewildering organization, lost pages, and dead ends. It is worth the hassle.)

www.indolaw.de IndoLaw (Netherlands). A compendium of laws relating to Islamic law dating back to 1750 in Dutch and Indonesian (Indonesian).

Lexadin A collection of Indonesian law, much of it related to business. (English)

Library of University Sam Ratulangi, Manado An extensive collection of Indonesian law. (Indonesian)

UNHCR.org Includes the Penal Code of Indonesia as applied in Timor-Leste in 1999. (As far as I know, this is a rare translation of the Penal Code into English)

IndoSight.com A collection of business-oriented laws arranged by category. (English)

www.law.unimelb.edu.au/alc/indonesia/ Asian Law Center, University of Melborne (English). [inactive?]

www.law.unimelb.edu.au Asian Law Center, University of Melborne, searchable database (English). [inactive?]

legalitas.org Director General of Regulations and Laws Direktor Jendral Peraturan Perundang-undangan (Indonesian). [inactive?]

perdaonline.org Regional Regulations (Indonesian). [inactive?]

www.wirantaprawira.deWiranta Prawira - Includes text of some laws (Indonesian & some English). [inactive Feb 2013]

Source and Academic Papers

Strategic Review - The Indonesian Journal of Leadership, Policy, and World Affairs

The U.S. Library of Congress, searchable database of articles and analysis about Indonesian law.

The Indonesian Legal System: An Overview - Benny S. Tabalujan, Published on December 2, 2002

The Indonesian Legal System and Legal Research - Alamo D. Laiman, Dewi Savitri Reni, Ronald Lengkong, and Sigit Ardiyanto July 2011 update by Tom Kimbrough; January 2012 update by Dewi Savitri Reni New York University

Akses terhadap keadilan: An introduction to Indonesia’s struggle to make the law work for everyone - an academic paper - Ward Berenschot and Adriaan Bedner

Regional Autonomy and Legal Disorder: The Proliferation of Local Laws in Indonesia - Dr. Simon Butt, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Sydney, published in the SYDNEY LAW REVIEW Vol 32:177, July 2010.

Wilson Center Asia Report 2002

     A Path Through the Rain Forest - Nono Anwar Makarim

     A Foreign Lawyer’s Perspective on Corruption in Indonesia - Robert N. Hornick

     Roots of Corruption in the Indonesian System of Governance - William S. Cole

‘Illegitimate’ Children and Inheritance in Indonesia - Dr Simon Butt, University of Sydney - Faculty of Law September 6, 2012

Law and Justice in Indonesia - The World Bank

Conflict and Dispute Resolution in Indonesia - Karrie MacLaughlin and Ari Perdana, World Bank, 2006 This paper … has three main objectives: to understand (a) national patterns of conflict and dispute resolution; (b) use of police services and the formal legal system; and (c) connections between governance factors (corruption, bribery and information about development projects) and conflict and dispute resolution.

Adnan Buyung Nasution Papers on Southeast Asian Constitutionalism

Indonesian Trial Process and Legal System Background Notes Associate Professor Tim Lindsey Director, Asian Law Centre The University of Melbourne (PDF)

Indonesian Judiciary in Crisis: Part 2 By Tim Lindsey and Simon Butt (PDF)

Legal Matters in Indonesia, article by Andrew Sriro

Civil Liability for Criminal Acts at Indonesian Law - Tim Lindsey and Simon Butt (PDF)

Failure is an outrage (PDF)

Transparency International

Causes of Corruption in Indonesia, Transparency International

The Cicak Movement - Transparency International

Asean Law Association

The Asean Law Association publishes an excellent English language overview of the Indonesian legal system, including some discussion of actual as compared to theoretical workings of the system, on their website at AseanLawAssociation.org , also available here:


    Table of Contents

    I. Constitution

    II. Legal System

    III. Judicial System

    IV. Legal Profession and Education

    V. Alternative Dispute Resolution

    VI. Business Law

Civil Law and Common Law

Comparing Common Law and Civil Law Traditions in Legal Systems

The Quality of Law in Civil Code and Common Law Regimes: Judicial Incentives, Legal Human Capital and the Evolution of Law Gillian K. Hadfield, University of Southern California Law School March 2006 (PDF)

Common law and civil law – differences, reciprocal influences and points of intersection Dominik Lengeling Law firms Patrick Schindler / Schleifenbaum & Adler 2008 (PDF)

The Common Law and Civil Law Traditions - Berkely Law (illustrated) (PDF)

KPK - the Anti-Corruption Commission and NGOs

Anti-Corruption Commission Fights for Its Life - Foreign Policy, 5 Oct 2012

Indonesia Policewatch (inactive since 2010)

Yayasan Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Indonesia

Bali - Law Offices

Austrindo Law Office: West Ham Defender Blows the Whistle On Corruption In Bali - Andrew Drummond, 20 Jul 2012

KantorKita Law Office: Jailed Boss Set Up Her Own Bank - Bali Times, 8 Jan 2010

Bali - General

Bali to earn $9 billion from tourism - Antara, December 19 2012

Bad Things That Might be Experienced in Bali, Baliorti

Yusril: Awas Mafia Hukum Gerilya Pailitkan Hotel-Hotel di Bali - Detik, 7 Jul 2012

Mafia Hukum Bali - Nasional

Practice of the Law Mafia, This is the Modus Operandi - KutaNews.com

Websites About Law in Indonesia

Inside Indonesia

Rule by Hukum - a website about comparative law in Asia

Strategic Review: The Indonesian Journal of Leadership, Policy & World Affairs

Business and Law Advisories (Listing here is not a recommendation; it is only a list.)


Wijaya & Co

Brian K. O'Malie

BPI Bali Real Estate

Bali Property

Andrew Sriro at Dyah Ersita & Partners

Robert Khuana Home

Wijaya Co



Temerity ILA & Partners (this site seems to download huge graphics files, very slow)

Blogs and Forums

Expat Spouse and Prenuptials

Jakarta Post



NOLO Law for All

Lonely Planet

Expat Blog

Living In Indonesia Forum 1

Living In Indonesia Forum 2

Living in Indonesia

Orient Expat Indonesia

BaliPod 1

BaliPod 2

HukumOnLine - Status Pernikahan di Gereja Tanpa Didaftarkan

U.S. Library of Congress -- Indonesia: Inter-religious Marriage

Internation Law and Children

Indonesia & International Child Abduction: The Indonesian Judicial Mafia Jeremy D. Morley 25 April 2012

Jeremy D. Morley Home

International Family Law Home - Jeremy D. Morley

Hague Hague Convention Home Page

Articles about Problems of Law - the Indonesian View

About Satgas Pemberantasan Mafia Hukum (Task Force for the Eradication of the Law Mafia)

“Kita Versus Korupsi” (Us Versus Corruption) Five short films, with English subtitles.

Julia Suryakusuma, Jakarta Post, Wed, September 05 2012 .

Articles - Police

Indonesia Pays a High Price for Its Corrupt Heart - Sydney Morning Herald, 8 May 2010

Unprofessional Police Leads to Torture - Asian Human Rights Commission, May 2010

Wikipedia Article: The Indonesian Police

David Janson : Snatching Victory - Inside Indonesia, 20 May 2010

Magazine on Indonesian Police Corruption Disappears - Reuters, 30 Jun 2010

Attacks after Reports on Police Corruption - DW, 20 Jul 2010

Indonesia’s Police: Cop Killers - The Economist, 4 Nov 2010

Anger over Payments to Police from Freeport - Radio Australia, 1 Nov 2011

Policing Indonesia’s Police - The Interpreter, 10 Oct 2012

Indonesian Official Resigns - Los Angeles Times, 7 Dec 2012

Articles about Court System

Komisi Yudisial Finds Many Judges Dishonest, Jakarta Post

Rule by Hukum: Failing judges (Indonesia)

Books about Bali

Road to Bali - Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Dorthy Lamour

A Paradise Created, Adrian Vickers

The Dark Side of Paradise - Political Violence in Bali, by Geoffrey Robinson

And check out all the books from Equinox Publishing, Jakarta

Hotasi Nababan

Indonesia Needs to Protect Officials Accidentally Implicated in Graft Cases: SBY - Arientha Primanita | December 10, 2012

Aksi Botak di Ultah SBY Penulis : Icha Rastika | Jumat, 9 September 2011


Hotasi’s personal website

Prita Mulyadi

Translation of Prita Mulyadi email, Ryan Koesuma.

Prita Cites Right to Criticize - Jakarta Globe, 12 Jun 2009

Wrong diagnosis: The case of Prita Mulyasari and the threat to free speech - Caveat, Jun 2009

Indonesian Law Forbids Criticism - The Epoch Times, 05 May 2010

Shock Guilty Verdict in Prita Mulyasari Saga - Jakarta Globe, 09 Jul 2011

Supreme Court Declared Prita Mulyasari Not Guilty as Charged- HukumOnline, 19 Sep 2012

Magazine Facebooking for Reform - Inside Indonesia, 29 Sep 2012

Schapelle Corby

Schapelle Corby - Wikipedia

Indonesian Legal System and Schapelle Corby - Tim Lindsey, ABC Radio, 16 Apr 2005

The Corby Case- Can It Happen in Australia? - David Field, Spring 2005

FreeSchapelle.net website

Schapelle.net website

Indonesia’s President to Rule on Clemency for Corby - ABC News, 5 Apr 2012

Schapelle Corby Sentence Cut Raises Political Questions - ABC News, 23 May 2012

Corby's Mum Accuses Customs over Drugs - Brisbane Times, 20 Dec 2012