If You Really Want a Prenup

What if I really, really, really want a Prenup?


After all the explanations above, some couples still insist, whether from uncertainty or social pressure or concern about dealing with a notaris, that they want a prenuptial agreement.

In that case, you may contact us, and we can help you write one which will do you no harm.

The prenuptial agreement will state exactly what is already true from the laws Indonesia and international law. And we include terms which clarify a number of points of Indonesian law which are unfortunately left vague in the current regulations and the application of Indonesian marriage law and which we have found sometimes to be sticking points in later legal proceedings.


So then are we safe?

No, absolutely not.

We started off this website explaining that:

Despite the enthusiastic representations of lawyers, business advisors, notaries, friends, and potential partners, it is not possible to obtain 100% security regarding marriages, business ownership, contracts, land purchases, child / parent relationships, or anything else depending upon legal status or enforcement under law in Indonesia.

We can help reduce your risks, but law in Indonesia is simply not structured to give anyone, including Indonesians, real security under law. Anyone who tells you otherwise is misinformed or lying.