Law For You

Law in your case may be irrelevant...


Problems with Formal Law and Applied Law can explain why underlying structures of Indonesian legal institutions are weak.

But ultimately, regardless of the system, what happens in your case all comes down to law for you, or Your Law.


When you need recourse to law...

The whole point of a contract or legal document is that you have recourse to law in event of disagreement. For Indonesians it can be difficult, but expatriates often have no recourse at all. The system is rife with collusion and corruption, expatriates don’t know how it works, and you can’t assume that your lawyer is working for your best interests.

“Owning” a property does not guarantee you can somehow receive compensation should it be taken from you, even by blatant fraud. Being “legally” married or the parent of your child does not guarantee you will have that status recognized in a divorce or while seeking child custody or even child visitation.

If you have a contract, a marriage document, your child’s birth certificate, and yet the courts refuse to acknowledge your documents, the police refuse to investigate your complaints, and even your own lawyers collude with your opponent and misrepresent their actions on your behalf, how the law is written or enforced in any case other than yours is absolutely irrelevant.

You lose.