Customary law depending upon local cultural norms. In practice it may mean the local community does what it want regardless of law.

A legal document witnessed, and usually prepared, by a Notaris or other appropriate public official.

BAP - Berita Acara Pemeriksaan
Witness statement in a police investigation.

Evidence. But in Indonesian law it has a narrow and specific meaning, specifying exactly what kinds of documents or testimony is valid in court.

Criminal libel or slander.

Gugatan, Jawaban, Replik, Duplik
The Gugatan from the Penggugat is the intial Accusation from the Accuser in a civil case. The Jawaban is the answer from the Tergugat or Defendant. The Accuser can then enter a second declaration called the Replik, and the Defendant has opportunity for a final reply with the Duplik.

Hukum Perdata
Civil law: marriage, divorce, contracts, civil suits, torts, etc.

Hukum Pidana
Criminal law.

Jaksa or Kejaksaan
The Public Prosecutor.

Kapolri, Kapolda, Kapolsek - Kepala Polisi
The Chief of Police of Indonesia, the Province, the Sektor.

KUHAP - Kitab Undang-Undang Hukum Acara Pidana
The Regulations about conducting criminal investigations.

KUHP - Kitab Undang-Undang Hukum Pidana
The Indonesian Criminal Code.

Legalized, with the very specific meaning of a document being notarized and stamped to make it a document admisable as bukti or evidence in law.

MA - Mahkamah Agung
Supreme Court in Jakarta. A decision delivered by the MA is a Final Decision and cannot be overturned by the PN.

Child custody.

A Court Order to an unopposed request, such as a declaration status of legal paternity.

Criminal embezzelment.

Criminal fraud.

Criminal investigator from Reskrim.

PK - Peninjauan Kembali
Extraordinary Appeal, an appeal for review by the MA of a MA decision which has already been declared Putusan Tetap.

PK - Perjanjian Kawin
Prenuptial Agreement.

PN - Pengadilan Negara
National Court - the local court where civil and criminal cases begin.

Polda - Polisi Daerah
The provencial police.

Polri - Polisi Republik Indonesia
The National Police in Jakarta. All police are members of the national police.

Polsek - Polisi Sektor
The local or neighborhood police.

PT - Pengadilan Tinggi
High Court of Appeal.


The accuser or plantiff in a civil or perdata accusation.


Perjanjian Pranikah
Prenuptial Agreement.

Putusan Tetap
Final Decision of the Court.

Naik Banding
Appeal a decision to a higher court.

Reskrim - Reserse Kriminal
The Criminal Investigations divison.


The accused din a criminal accusation.

The accused or defendant in a civil or perdata accusation.

The suspect in a criminal accusation.

Wakapolda / Wakapolri - Wakil Kapolda / Kapolri
Assistant Chief of Police for the province or for Indonesia.

WNA - Warga Negara Asing
Foreign citizen.

WNI - Warga Negara Indonesia
Indonesian citizen.