Introduction to the Cases

Introduction to the Cases


The whole point of Indonesian Law Advisory is “what does it mean to me?”

The best way to answer this is probably through a description of various cases.

Cases are the unintended consequences of the legal environment—unintended at least from the victim’s side. Clearly most of the people involved in the following cases never expected to be caught up in problems with the law.

Writing up cases is likely to be an endless job, so we will continue to add them as we have time. If you have a case you would like to see listed here, please let us know.


Planned for future discussion...

Munir Said Thalib

Newmont Mining

Eli Gattenio & Sari Soraya

Taksu / Peter Butler

Anand Krisna

Frank Richardson

Nyoman Gunarsa

Wine of the Gods

Bali Moon

Barry Keven Grossman

Sang Ayu Made Karnasih & Harry Bleckert

Siti Komariah & Terrence Bazil Green

Koki Restaurant

KantorKita / Esti Yuliani

More coming soon...