Closing Police Investigations and Praperadilan


The police have wide discretion in how they investigate reports

If the police refuse to investigate your report or shut it down without adequate cause, you can always appeal their decision through a process called Praperadilan or "PreTrial".

It sounds hopeful and fair. If you complain to the police that your case was not properly investigated, they will always suggest you appeal the decision through Praperadilan.

But your chances of getting a fair hearing are slim. I will make an experienced guess that 99 percent of cases brought to Praperadilan as an appeal for reopening a closed investigation—called an “SP3” in police–talk—will be ruled properly closed in a Praperadilan hearing.

Again this is related to typical vagueness in the Indonesian law codes, and it works like this:

Praperdilan is covered by XXX of the KUHAP (Regulations for Criminal Law Procedures) which states that Sorry, under construction...